Monday, August 3, 2009

on the move...

i am exhausted... you would think that a person would be used to things but in the midst of our life, we are moving (30miles north), Samuel is leaving for Penhold on Friday, my cousins daughter is out for 2 weeks and Samuels behaviour has been definitely award winning but not for quietness or niceness... more for aggravation, craziness, cheekiness, mouthiness attitude -- you know all the winners. It has been so bad of late that I have had to give him the choice of smartening up his attitude and everything or he doesnt go to camp -- which would be just as much of a punishment to me as to him! I have been trying very hard to get him into a routine but it is hard to do when every day I have change happening and am trying to roll with it.
I am really looking forward to not only Friday at 6 when he boards the bus to go to Wpg, but also the next week from the 17th to the 20th when Dennis and I are going to the Rod Stewart concert and then 2 days to a cabin with no kids. I feel rotten about being happy about sending my child away, but lately it is almost survival of the 'fittest' around here. That old saying "know i know why some animals eat thier young..." **sigh** i try to live in the now and not always look too the future but these days i cant wait for winter (i shudder at the thought of the cold -- mind you we havent really had a summer!) when we should be settled in at the new house and into a routine with school... things may be a bit more relaxed... and at the same time i am trying to enjoy the time with the kids (as i can) and move and the reno's at the new house. so off i go to spend time with the girls and make a salad for dinner as the boys and Dennis load yet another trailer full of stuff for us (me and the kids) to take up to the house tomorrow for another round of reno's galore!!!! (all with a smile =:-D)