Thursday, August 22, 2013

Where does the time go!?

It is so hard to believe that yet another summer has almost come and gone.  NOt only has the summer been flying by but so has life  and by life I mean kids growing up! Joshua graduated this June -- sigh. (I am feeling so old some days!) AND he has moved out. ok, he moved into our old house across the road but still, he is not living in our home anymore (although we DO see him more now than when he lived with us -- go figure...) 
Josh receiving his diploma!❤

Proud papa and mama! 

Our graduate and his beautiful girlfriend Dana! {we heart her}

Official "grad pic" He looks like one of The Duckmen! :)
Another Brain Injury Awareness campaign is also {almost} done too..... Well what I mean is I am not mailing out piles of envelopes every week now, but I do still get a trickle of emails with requests for them. I have about 100 left and hope to continue sending the bracelets out until they are all gone! 
This year I had one goal for myself with regards to the bracelets and that was to send some to a country I had not sent to last year! Then one morning in July I received an email with a request for some, so I replied back to please send me their mailing address and low and behold it was somewhere I hadn’t sent any bracelets! MOSCOW, RUSSIA!!!  I was so excited and that prompted me to map out everywhere I had sent bracelets in total! I discovered that I had sent bracelets to 5 provinces in Canada, 42 states in the USA and 6 countries in total!!

 I was shocked!  I still AM shocked! 

That was almost 1500 bracelets out in the world! 

So now I need to work on a goal for next year -- maybe it should be to deliver some bracelets in person ... {grin}

The summer has gone by so quick and we have been so busy with the farm and the kids that it is hard to remember all that has happened.

One big surprise for Dennis and I was in July when we went to Dauphin Bible Camp (where Isaac was working as a work hand) to see one of the teens from our church be baptized). After church that Sunday, there was a baptism planned for 4 people and there ended up being 13 in total when it was over and one of those 13 was our boy Isaac! He felt lead to be baptized as he was walking up to the pool and in his testimony he told how he was wanting to be baptized by our minister Pastor Dean (who moved to Alberta a few years ago). He told how while he was walking up he felt that God spoke to him telling him that it didn’t matter WHO did the baptizing, it was WHO he was being baptized thru in the NAME OF.
We were {and still are} so proud of him! 
Isaac giving his testimony ... ❤

Declaring he has accepted Jesus

Hold yer breath! :D

Born again!! ❤❤ so proud of him! 

It was a big step and we noticed a huge difference in him when he came home that day and while he was at home for the week and a half before heading back to camp for Cabin Leader Training (CLT).  All he could talk about was what he had learned, read and saw, other kids that were there and what they had/have learned! He read the book of Revelation (not my first choice of books in the Bible to read but it is so Isaac! :) ) He was talking about next year and working at camp for the summer already too! He was so excited about working with kids and going back.
We pick up the boys next week from camp and this weekend Hannah heads up for teen camp. Then next week everyone is home and we are getting back into regular life routine and getting ready for ... Ugh... Winter 

This fall school season will see Sam in grade 12 (not sure if he is going to do an entire year as he CAN be done after the first semester), Isaac in grade 11 and Hannah in grade 9. SInce Joshua has now graduated  and is well and settled in our ‘old  house’ across the road AND working full time but also plans on going to get his Class 1 Drivers License for trucking. 

Dennis and I are busy with the farm and life and I just signed myself up for some night courses in photography at the local college. So this winter I will have something to keep me busy now that I am not running back and forth to Winnipeg with appointments. 
As of July Sam is2 years seizure free and this  August he will be one year without medication and back to his ‘normal’ self. I say ‘normal’ as we still have issues with BI moments and then there are those darn hormones that like to throw in monkey wrenches where we don’t expect OR want them! Lol But then if life were too normal, who would want it!?