Tuesday, March 25, 2014

And it begins again ...

So it begins again. My third year of giving out silicone Brain Injury Awareness bracelets! This year they are green with white lettering, a new font, a new leaf graphic! I am so excited to start getting these out into the public!
I also have 99 green oak leaves to give away. I am seeing what people think of these  to maybe switch it up a little -- just in case people get tired of the whole bracelet idea.  A local business made these up for me and we will see how they go. (the oak leaf is representation of survivors - there are over 600 different species of oak trees -- kind of similar to survivors in that there is no two injuries the same!)

I am starting to get my address book ready, the letter that I send out is typed out again and printed with a new leaf picture this year and I am busy with putting pictures out into the social media world to spread the word on this! If you are on instagram and want to follow me: @mb_farmgurl my facebook link is on bottom left side of my blog, my twitter account is @FarmGurl72

As in the past all I ask for with receiving a bracelet (or sticker) is that you let me know you got them and then to also post pictures of you wearing the bracelet (or where you put the sticker) and hashtag it  with brain injury support (please tag me in the pics on instagram or FB so I can see it and share with others too!)
I have two goals again this year and they are as follows:

1. Spread awareness that will encourage survivors and caregivers AND encourage the general public to GET EDUCATED on Brain Injuries -- it can happen to anyone at anytime anywhere!

2. To send some bracelets (and now also stickers) to a new country! Last year I reached my goal and sent bracelets to Moscow, Russia!!!  Bracelets wen to 5 provinces, 42 states, and 6 countries -- this year I want to see those numbers grow, grow, GROW!

I have approached a few "local" celebrities (local as in Canadian) to offer bracelets to them to wear but as of yet have not heard from anyone. (please keep praying that we will find someone to help spread awareness on a grander scale than what I can do in my little corner!)
If you have any ideas on spreading awareness or know of anyone that would like to help with this or if you just want to request a bracelet(s) or sticker(s) please email me at braininjuryadvocate@gmail.com

Here is to another awesome year of spreading awareness of Brain Injury!! GET EDUCATED!!!