Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WOW! Just a little late...

So I was alarmed this morning to find that I had NOT posted the final numbers of the 2014 TBI Awareness Bracelets yet! (sheesh.... talk about cheese for brains! :) )
I searched instagram, FaceBook, Twitter... my blog.... all the usual places I share this amazing news and I came up empty! I can NOT believe that I didnt share the results!

Just to remind you what my 2014 goal: to reach TWO new countries from last years campaign (5 provinces, 42 states, and 6 countries (the 2013 new country was Russia!)

SO without further ado here the are actual results:

6 provinces
48 states
10 countries  (new ones being: The Gambia, Africa, Malaysia, Scotland, Holland, Western Australia)

I was shocked at the numbers of emails that came into my inbox at first! I received over 234 emails in under 24 hours and they kept on coming! It was so overwhelming but there was a warm fuzzy feeling  that went along with the  heart-wrenching  letters that I was sent. I tried my best to respond to everyone of them and send as many bracelets that I could send to each request. I apologize if I missed any!
With the money raised from last years donations I bought green lanyards and I gave those to as many people as I could also! I am starting already to work on the 2015 campaign and wonder what I could do instead of bracelets again, but arent too expensive as I have to mail them out and things are just so darn expensive to begin with! I would like to keep my numbers of awareness araticles to 1500-2000 if possible but without going totally broke either!  Any ideas?

Thanks for being so patient with me, but if you are a survivor or a careigver you know how life gets... not just busy but crazy busy with a new twist everyday!

I will update on Sam and Dad soon, there are lots of things to update but my head is not in a place to share some of it yet....but I am working on it! :)