Saturday, November 14, 2009

In Remembrance

Here is a picture of my 2 youngest sons Samuel (13yrs) and Isaac (12 yrs) in full uniform on our way to the Remembrance Day Services. They were so handsome!
I cried thru the service for not only the soldiers who have fought and made the supreme sacrifice but for the ones that still are making acrifices everyday so that we can live in this country.
I cried for their families that sacrifice their lives being on hold while their loved ones are working hard to keep the world and Canada safe for us.
So that our boys can go to Air Cadets, basketball, football and school.
So that our daughters can go to dances, go shopping become doctors and lawyers, stay home moms.
So that we can walk down our streets free from fear and death.
It was a long service but in the grand scheme of things cant we 'sacrifice' 2hours a year for the men and women that fought and still do?
I dont think that it should even take a second thought... we should just go-- they do.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

#62 Sam Ginter

So last night we watched Sam's game! It was awesome!! They used the jumbotron for replays, the sound system for commentating, the stadium lights were on when it got darker... awesome is all I can say.
The drive in was an emotional one, as we had a great talk with Sam about his past year and the goals he not only set for himself but met and even surpassed, before we dropped him off to the bus. So of course the conversation continued as Dennis and I drove into the city. Thankfully it was cold outside and so tears were not so easily flowing once at the stadium!
During the game Sam caught the kick return and got about 10yards down! I was able to sit and watch as he became the meat in a "sandwich" tackle!
That black outfited person in the middle of the 2 silver uniforms is my Sam!!! AND I did not jump up or freak out. I did manage to get the pictures of it on the jumbotron in the replays... it was simply amazing...can describe the feelings I ran thru through the whole game.

On a humourous note, there were programs to be bought for the football teams that were playing this weekend (we were playing the rural 9man) and they listed the players heights and weights... as we looked over the Tigers and the Outlaws team rosters we noticed Sam was the lightest -- the weight range for the Tigers was 295-139lbs -- Sam is 115lbs 5'7"!! If we really looked hard we might be able to find someone his size but I would guess they would be in the younger

Now for a break with football (til spring) for the next week... then we start in Junior Varsity Basketball with Joshua! So stay tuned for basketball pics to be posted here until that season is over!

Isaac was busy selling poppies yesterday with the Air Cadets but I didnt get any pictures as he didnt have a full uniform-- so those pictures will come later this week! (sniff-- my babies are all growing up on me...)