This is me...

I am first and foremost the daughter of The King!

I am a wife, mom, daughter, friend,

 chief cook & bottle washer, chauffeur, banker, delivery person,

maintainance woman, house keeper, boo-boo fixer, personal shopper,

activities director, referee, cheering section, lifestyle co-ordinator,

general farm labourer(fencing, moving livestock, baling, etc),

landscaper of bedroom floors, ..... basically a jill of all trades!

 I am also working hard as an advocator for Traumatic Brain Injuries! 

My son aquired a TBI on July 29, 2008, my dad on Aug 4, 1996

and my husband is an “undiagnosed” TBI survivor as well!

Get educated people... please ....
it CAN happen to you

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