Tuesday, September 1, 2009

normality??? we'll see...

Well our summer is coming to an end... saddly way to fast! We are moved and living in our new home. We got lots of work done on it and the week before we moved in we got the flooring done!!! YAY!!! We also had some excitement with our "old house" and on Monday morning (we were moving on Thursday) we had either a tornado touch down or a funnel cloud come close to touching down! It took out 1/6th the shingles on the south side of the barn, part of a corral wall, 7 trees that hit the ground (a few that just now have a nasty lean on them), our trampoline was thrown into the bush (took Josh and I about 10 minutes to pull it out) and it basically made a mess of the yard in a matter of seconds! Dennis and I were having coffee in the morning (at about 7.30)and it was stormy and raining... then the rain and wind stopped, then all of a sudden it sounded like a train coming thru the house! Dennis called to grab the kids and get tot he basement so we did and before we were there it over... it was scary and freaky. And i am glad it is over.

Sam had a great 2 weeks at camp (he got home on Aug 23) and is still trying to recouperate from it. He sleeps long hours, he is grouchy and basically your eveday teenager. But i am trying to get him into the new school routine before school starts. we will be getting up earlier this year so that they can catch an earlier bus. He is also starting High school so there will be new challenges to face. I had to write a letter to the school that they went to last year requesting that they go back to it this year, as we live not just out of town but also out of that school division. they have their meeting tonight so i hope that they will accept our request so there is no changing of schools. I just told them that there is already a plan in place for Sam for this year and so hat we have to lose another year we would like the kids to continue going to it, and we also would like to keep all the kids going in the same school division... so please pray for this request to go thru!

There are alot of other plans having to be made -- not major ones but enough that it will require alot of organizing and planning... piano lessons, guitar lessons, cadets, basketball practices, volleyball, etc. now that we are 30miles from town it will be abit trickier to get the kids into things (especially with the gas prices!!!)

We have one more set of appt with Sam too in Wpg in Oct. One with the neurologist and one with the psychologist... might be the last set!!!
I am off to Wpg next week on Tues for a set of 24 hr. tests in Wpg for my hernia. I will not be home for the kids first day of school that week. i have to go and have a tube put in my nose and then spend the day as normal as possible so that i can journal my hernia 'pain'. I asked the lady how i was going to haev a normal day when i normally live 3 hours away and am staying in the city over night, and who wants to go out and about with a tube in your nose and taped to your face!? lol she agreed but asked me to do my best.... sigh... we will have to see just how brave I can be i guess in going out in public. might even be picture worthy! lol

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Marianne said...

WowJodi, Glad you are okay - that "tornado" sounded scary!
good luck with your tests - hope all goes well and they can get you all fixed up.