Sunday, September 25, 2011

Upcoming week ....

Tomorrow Sam and I are heading into Winnipeg for a 5-7 day stay at the Health Science Centre ... or well Sam is staying there and I will be at the Ronald McDonald house down the street.

He is being admitted to the EEG Clinic for a 24hr surveillance of seizure activity. Since Sam has been on the Keppra (and the val proic acid too) he has been experiencing major mood swings, extreme fatigue, lack of appetite, temors and memory loss issues. These are all side effects of his meds but they could also be due to absent seizures.

Sam has been very hard to live with... his mood swings have been so severe that they are scary. He has had issues with his memory -- he will talk to someone in the morning and by the evening he will remember talking to the person but not the conversation. He is not eating much, if at all (I was told by a friend that Sam's friends will get after him at school that he has to eat). He is tiring more and more easily everyday. When he eats, writes or does anything his hands shake so badly that he can hardly do whatever task is at hand.

We aren't sure what to hope for an outcome... absent seizure activity or change in meds ... either are not exactly the most favoured results.

Something on a more positive note with Sam, he started back to school last Wednesday. He is still working with an IEP (taking Math and English) but he is also doing 2 hands on classes (Foods and Nutrition  and Chorale). He is taking these 2 courses more for social time with friends and easier credits for him to attain. If things change with his health it is not a big deal if he is missing the classes. We were all happy for him to go bak to school but we did have some brain issues to deal with too.

Since his memory is not too great it was going to be hard for him to stay focused and on top of his work. Also, until last week Sam was not admitting that he has a brain injury. So his brain kept telling him he was 'fine' and he was more than ready to go to school. HIs brain was telling him that his injury was all in our heads... It wasnt until he started working on his self therapy book and he had a major melt down with Dennis, that he was able to start seeing that he has an injury and he needs to start working on getting it to heal.  We have seen some great changes in Sam in just the first few chapters that he has worked on. So part of the reason I am going to WPg with him is to help him stay on track with his self therapy and school work.... the other reason is I am his mom and I know I would be of no use to anyone here at home when he is 3 hours away with no family or visitors -- I know, I know... I am the big baby here...

I will try to keep the blog updated on our stay while we are in...

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