Sunday, December 18, 2011

From Ours to Yours...

Our 'Ugly Sweaters' for a Christmas Party
B-Sam, me(Jodi), Dennis, Josh
F-Hannah, Isaac

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Healthy and Happy New Year! We pray 2012 is filled with love, laughter, family, friends and all of God’s wonderful blessings! Thank you for all your wonderful and encouraging support since 2008!
Love Dennis and Jodi

Merry Christmas! Thanks to everyone for their support this year with my brother. We all appreciate the support. Have a happy new year!!! 

Merry X-mas everybody! Thank you for all you support that you have given our family these past few years its been very much appreciated! Happy holidays and have a great christmas and a happy new year
-- Sam

Merry  christmas everyone! Hope u all have a great new year! 

I wish you all a  holly jolly christmas and a happy new year and thank you all a lot for
 all the support you have gave as through out the years. Merry Christmas and I hope 
you all stay safe this christmas year.
 - Hannah


Anonymous said...

Lovely message Jodi, Dennis, Josh, Sam, Isaac and Hannah. Same back to all of you.

Marianne said...

DITTO! You guys are awesome! and you got an AWESOME mom! ;)