Monday, April 22, 2013

they're finally here!!

Well our 1500 beautiful Brain Injury bracelets have landed!!! Joshua picked them up this weekend for me and brought them home last night! Now onto the fun part! 
If you want a bracelet (or a few to share) just email me at:
with your mailing address and I will send them along to you! The bracelets are free but if you wish to make a donation to them that is up to you! You can also donate to YOUR local brain injury association! All I ask is if you take some please take some pictures of yourself (and others if applicable) wearing the bracelet - you can either email me the pictures or friend me on FB and tag me in the pic! I will add it to our FB page Canadians with Traumatic Brain Injuries so that survivors and caregivers can feel the love! (I would love to share where you are from also!)  I only order 1500 this year because I changed the bracelets to painted debossed ones so that increased the price a bit on the ordering end. I have a few left from last year (50 or so) that are the all green with Aquired Brain Injury on them if anyone would like one of those... 
Well I am off to spread a bit of awareness and share my  Monday smiles with people!! 

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Marianne's Focus said...

YAY and WOW! your kids are getting "big"! or should I say older LOL Young men and woman!