Sunday, September 27, 2015

Old friends are new again!

"Rabbit and The Canadian Wheeler" - together again  :)
My daddy had some visitors a while ago! His "old buddy" Rabbit! (Rabbit was his CB handle and daddy was 'The Canadian Wheeler').
Rabbit is the first vistor friend from daddy's past to come see him in YEARS! Daddy had such a huge smile on his face when he saw Rabbit come through the door! They laughed and Rabbit shared some funny stories with Dennis and I, and oh my did daddy laugh! He had tears running down his face! He remembered immediately who Rabbit was and knew his name! It was so beautiful to see daddy light up again! Thank you Rabbit and Tilly for the visit! I know daddy loved it and so did I! It was so fun to hear the goofy stories of you and Daddy when you were trucking! I rarely hear great stories of daddy unless I am telling them! This visit made my heart smile and it brought tears to my eyes! Thank you so much!

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