Monday, February 9, 2009

pick pick pick

now i KNOW that siblings pick at each other (I may not have any siblings but after the last 14yrs of kids i have an idea of it) but this afternoon Samuel is picking at everyone for EVERYTHING and i am at the end of my rope... I have once again sent him to his room (after numerous attempts of asking what was wrong and why he was in happy-- all answers are "nothing"...) I guess the good times only last so long! I hate to say it but i hope there is school tomorrow so i can have sometime to myself without feeling like I am always 'picking' at Sam about 'picking' at everyone

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Marianne said...

Jodi, Sam sounds so much like my eldest daughter! I would have crying from my other children and she would deny doing anything... but I SAW her hit, pinch, punch, whatever over such little things. Reading your blogs is helping realize or have all the past 20 years make sense. She would have incredible tantrums (only when daddy wasn't in the house) he just didn't understand where I was coming from. He never saw it - she was an angel around him. All he saw was me upset - I used to call him up or drive her to him and say "here" she's all yours! and go back to the house to "quiet". I would feel so guilty... but I had to do that to keep my sanity and to keep the peace. I could say so much more - but strangely I hear you, I understand you, your frustration, the exhaustion. (((hugs)))