Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hormones, attitudes and cabins.... oh my

Well we have been and gone to Wpg for Sam's psych eval and all is good. Things are normal the doctor figured and there is no need to worry about PTSD with him. There were a few areas that she was looking at and Sam was dealing with things in those areas very well.
1. He is able to talk about the accident.
2. He is able to shoot a gun again.
3. He is able to watch movies and not get agitated with violence or certain scenes.
4. He is not suffering from nightmares.

But it was suggested that Josh goes for some counselling. So now to talk to him about it and see how things are with him. He seems to be handling things ok but Dr.Sam thinks it would be good to just be sure.
We have to go back to see her in Oct when we take Sam in for his (hopefully last) appointment with the neurologist--Dr.Goldberg, just so she can talkto how he is handling the new school routine (Sam will be in highschool) and see that things are still progressing smoothly.

Things here otherwise right now are good...but saddly i have to admit it is because Sam is not here. He is at grandma and grandpas until Wed. I hate saying that, but it is true. there is no stress about if he is in a good mood or just in a mood. he has taken to being fairly miserable with me of late and picking fights with the other kids. We have gotten his days somewhat organized to the point of daily chores and wake up times break times but he is still 'out of sorts'.
But then add to this that Hannah is starting to hit puberty and the hormones are kicking in with her. Somedays I really wonder if I will survive this motherhood thing. If it isnt Sam having one of his moments, it is Hannah with hers! Girls are most definitely different from boys! I am going to be having to sit down with her soon to have the 'talk' about 'gurl stuff'.

I am not sure what is going on with me lately either-- i am back to somethings sitting there just under the surface. I cant pinpoint it but there is something there...might just be exhaustion, or frustration... it is just that feeling of a blanket over my head and not quite up to speed on anything...always a few steps behind everyone. Not exactly getting the punchlines... i have been praying about it but nothing so far in the way of enlightenment OR of it going away.

Dennis has booked a night in Winnipeg when we are in for the Rod Stewart concert and then he also booked us 2 nights at a cabin in the Whiteshell Provincial Park for our anniversary. No kids, no work, no phones, no nothing for 3 whole days! Just me, Dennis, a cabin and one night of Rod Stewart!! Our anniversary is July 31 but we will be busy with kids and company so we just postponed it until Aug 17-20. Last year we were in Wpg with Sam and the best gift ever was him waking up in PICU and asking if i brought him a coffee... lol nothing will ever top that but this year will be great too ... 16 yrs!

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Marianne said...

you go and have a fabulous time! You have most certainly earned it!
BTW I had 2 girls and I think I would have preferred a few more boys instead - I have enough issues with my own hormones let a lone 2 more in the house! ROFL