Tuesday, July 28, 2009

one year

one year ago tomorrow my sweets called me to ask me to go and pick up sam from the hospital because he had hit himself in the head with the scope of the .22-- and our whole world came to a crashing halt-- for 4 days at least. as i type this i am trying to not cry and i have butterflies in my stomach over the memories of that day.
i thank God everyday for all that we endured and experienced over the last 354 days. i do ask 'why?' sometimes and when i get up there and He and i sit and talk, i will know all the reasons why. for now tho i will be happy with the thoughts that He knew i needed sam more.
tomorrow i will be driving to winnipeg for a different reason. my cousins daughter, jade, is flying out from TO to stay with us for 2 weeks.
the last few days i have ran a gamet of emotions over alot of changes happening in our little corner of the world. first we got a new vehicle. a 2009 Chev Traverse, it was totally unexpected but we are now driving a new SUV(i have never owned a new car b4). Next we have been able to finally make it public knowledge that we are moving. We are moving to be clser to my mom. Right across the road to be exactly closer... we are moving into an old century farm house...that needs ALOT of work before we move in. the last shock was that dennis wants to move in by aug 29....which means i need to not only get this house finished with its projects this week, but i need to get up to my moms to work on that house by next week so i can start stripping wallpaper, painting and flooring!
so my emotions have gone totally crazy these days. trying to stay sane and in control of myself -- so tomorrow may be not so much.
i told dennis and sam that we should make his new 'birthday' july 29 (his birthday is dec16 and we rarely are able to have a party since it is so close to Christmas) that way it would be a new spin on the date. i think i will do something special for dinner for sam tomorrow and get a cake or something for dessert so it is a psotive day for us!

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Marianne said...

Do I ever remember a year ago. I was grieving over my SIL passing, then our trusted dog passed away, then awaiting news about your son. All this in a few days of each other.
that is one "week" we can all do without again!
Great idea about the birthday :)