Friday, April 9, 2010

learning curve...

okay I have been working on getting this blog to be more us and not just some generic run of the mill blog. Somethings that screams ginter!... okay maybe not screams but more like who we are.

And I am getting nowhere! I made a slide file so I could put in the side column but I cant make it work! I made a header for the blog with my own graphics in PSElements and I cant make it work. I thought I had someone to help me with this but apparently he has bailed on me... so I am on my own-- grrrrrrrr. So please bare with me as I am learning this whole wordpress thing. OR if someone else is out there reading and knows how to help me-- I am always open to learning via some help! I think I might like to eventually spend some money on this and buy my own domain(not sure if that is the right words...) but not right now.

Sam has had a few very late nights this week (TBI mtg on wed, cadets on Thurs and tonight will be youth group) and it is all starting to show. tomorrow the cadets are supposed to have a sports day but we will have to see if he is able to handle it. I can see a fatigue break down on our horizon if we dont get him resting.

Sometime this morning I am supposed to get a phone call from one of the local papers for an interview about Sam. They want to put some stuff about the TBI conference and use Sam as a story to go with it. (that is what I gathered from talking with Darren at the paper) Yesterday Darren picked up Sam from school at noon and took him out to have some photos done for the article-- I can't wait to see them! I will post the story when it is done for all to read!

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Stacey Paden said...

Hi Jodi! I tried finding your email address, but must have overlooked it! You won the watch give-a-way!!!! Congratulations!
Email me at with your address and I'll put it in the mail. Thanks for entering!