Friday, March 25, 2011

Members Statement by Stu Briese

This is the Members Statement that Stu Briese (our local MLA) took to parliament in Nov'10.
I have omitted the corrections that were in his actual speech (misspoken words etc).
I am deeply touched that Stu did this, among other things, for our family at this time and for the things he offered to us during our stay in Winnipeg at the hospital. It is encouraging for me to know that there are politicians  out there that ARE aware of BI's and the struggles that the survivor and the families face.
Now to get this awareness out more into main stream society.... I am working on it!!

Mr. Speaker, in the summer of 2008, Sam Ginter recieved and accidental gunshot wound to the head while he and his brother were tarfet shooting. Sam's grandparents rushed hi to Neepawa hospital. When it iwas discovered that his injury was extremely serious, he was immediately taken to Winnipeg. After four hours in surgery and several days in recovery, Sam was sent home, While he still looks like an ordinary teenage boy, he lives with a traumatic brain injury that create a unique set of challenges for Sam.

throughout his recovery period, Sam has been bright and optimistic. Eeven immediately after his surgery he enjoyed talkig to his family and as in high spirits. After coming home, Sam began the recovery process and satarted setting goals for himself to master. The first was to start going to school by himself in November. After several months of attending  school part-time with the help of a peer tutor, he worked hard and by November he had reached his goal.

Another goal was to go to the Banjo Bowl that his family had tickets for. sam was determined  to walk up the stadium stairs  to his seat and with determination, he made it all the way up. Throughout his recovery, Sam has been setting goals and reaching beyond them.

Sam has had tremendous support from his family; they've come up with creative ways  to help him through the recovery period. Using tools like the Nintendo DS and other games, he works on fine motor skills. He does word searches and sed te iPod touch to work on organizational skills.  Because  the connectinos in his brain need to be remade, he has to re-understand things that he may have already known.Some of the challenges he faces may appear to be common traits but his family understand it  is heightened because of the injury and they are very supportive of Sam in his continued recovery.

I want to congratulated this courageous young man and his family for working through the difficult times that brain injuries present. In May I attended the Air Cadet awards evening, and I was thrilled to see Sam receive one of the awards. Because of his bright spirit and determination and with the help of his family, Sam is enjoying life and is an inspiration for many others who are struggling with brain injuries. Thank you.

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