Tuesday, May 31, 2011

keeping my cool

HA! I try my best to do this like 99.9% of the time! (btw... about 99% of THAT time I am failing miserably) But I am so frustrated at ... the medical system... the government ... people who just dont get it... my washing machine ... my dishes piling up at the sink ... the weather ... my back ... the weather (I live in Manitoba and of late our weather REALLY sucks so it is deserving to be railed at AT LEAST twice!) ...  i am just in a mood I know and I have to get out of it. Part of it IS due to something we learned on Friday. Sam's ped., DR. Goldberg, called on Friday to get back to us (on a phone call from over a week ago) and was fabulous at setting up a lab appt for him. (Sam has been having tremors - as we call them A LOT. ALmost everyday.) Doc. wants to check his Val-ProicAcid levels to make sure everything is good... not too much or too little. The tremors could just be a 'getting used to the meds' side effect... or not. So Sam was to not take his meds this am and then go to school and straight to the hospital for tests then take his meds when he got back to school.... I forgot to remind him about it. SO at 7am.. "Sam take your pills..." and he did...sigh
Then later at 9.30 I remembered... and so he will have to do it tomorrow...not a big deal except that now the Wpg Doc. wont have the results... when we are there.
While I was on the phone with the Doc. I asked him about a neuropsychologist for Sam.A Neuropsychologist is (according to TBI LAW)Neuropsychologists are not medical doctors, but doctors of psychology whose field of study is concentrated on the brain and its functions. Neuropsychological testing is designed to determine the brain's capacity with respect to short and long term memory, abstract reasoning, attention, concentration, executive functioning, motor skills and other cognitive and psychological factors. By comparing the pattern of these results, against the patients pre-morbid capabilities, and correlating these results with the nature of the trauma suffered by the patient, neuropsychologists can, to a reasonable degree of certainty, opine that individuals without an acute diagnosis of brain injury, have permanent deficits as a result of brain trauma. 
When I went to the BI support group this month I was talking about feeling stressed and wondering why there is no help for us in the way of a proctor or respite...for when we need it... and the question was asked if Sam had seen a Neuropsych. And then the gasp of "why not!?' was amazing!  When I asked Wpg. Doc this he asked the same question... but he also told me that to see the doctor that is in Brandon (which is HALF the drive of a drive to Wpg) will charge at least $1200.00 for the first session! HOLY!  He suggested that when we see him on Wed that we will discuss other options... which will be in Wpg... but we can drive to Wpg a heck of a lot of times for the first $1200... sigh... another one of these things that have blind sided us!  

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