Thursday, June 23, 2011

Now MY brain hurts!

I have been so busy this week learning about seizures. I have been searching the net and talking to people who have epilepsy AND to people at Epilepsy and and Seizure Association of Manitoba. We will be going to Winnipeg next week on Wednesday to see Dr. Goldberg and we are going early enough to stop and talk with Phyllis at ESAM. She gave me a TON of info to start with Sam in regards to diet and a few lifestyle changes, until we get to Wpg. She also gave me 2 epileptologists (neurologist with lots of extra and special epilepsy education)  to ask Dr. G for referral to.(pray that he will send us to the first one that was recommended).  Phyllis also told me that Sam will now be diagnosed with epilepsy because he has had 4 seizures. (I know we will wait and see what the doctors say...)  
My brain and my heart are competing on equal levels of pain these days... I thot we were going in a new 'slower' direction...

guess I was wrong

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