Saturday, June 11, 2011

Softballs, ears and faith

This is Hannah's ear... after it made a connection with a softball at her grade5/6 camp trip this week. The ball luckily for us was thrown and not hit by the bat or else I have a feeling our camp trip would have ended on a fast trip to the hospital in Winnipeg. She was checked over for a concussion and had none but she did have a fast hard sleep about 5 hours after. So hard in fact that my girl friend Jenn was a bit freaked out when she pried open Hannah's eye and there was no response from Miss Hannah...
I think the cartilage on the ear is probably 'smooshed' = the equivalent of a break. We will be heading to the doctor on Monday because the hearing in the ear is muffled.  Dennis thinks it is all down to the trauma the ear has endured and I sure hope he is right.
I am feeling a bit anxious about this. There was a large lump behind her ear about 3 hours after and bruising... the bruise is turning yellow now but there is still a small lump... Her ear only hurts to touch if you touch the outer part of it where it is really purple on the 'rim' of the ear.
 I am working on having faith in the teacher that checked her out (he is an ex-RCMP officer and has first aid training and concussion training too) that he would have sent us to the hospital if it were needed.
I am trying to not flip out about it and get all "Oh my gosh what if she has a BI!?' but believe me it is taking all I have in me.

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