Friday, November 11, 2011

Our home away from home...

A few weeks ago(and since the beginning of this journey), Sam and I were in the city
for 4 days some appointments.  I said I was going to have a post on the wonderful
Ronald McDonald House that we stay at and so here it is!
This house is gorgeous, spacious, functional, safe (you need to have security cards to get in)
 and most of all it is a relaxing atmosphere to visit with other parents and families.
There is a most  definite family feel when you stay here.

This is not my own photo but it is the actual house we stay in!
Trying to keep Sam awake so we could go to his

The time we got up so Sam could have his EEG done --
under 'stress' less than 4 hours sleep...

One of the family rooms -- tv, pool table, air hockey table,
wii, xbox, etc

another of the family rooms(this area is being redone)
& part of the dinning area

The dining area and kitchen

❤My favourite spot at the house ❤--
the coffee area ☺

Our room (facing south)

the North side of our room

the West side of our room

the front entrance by the offices
The wall reads
"Home is not where you live but where they understand you"

The family room at the
Ronald McDonald Family Room at the Children's Hospital --
where families can go while at the hospital. You need to have a child in
critical care or be referred by the Ronald McDonald House
to be here.

Looking out to the south...
There is tv and computers with internet.

The eating area -- you can bring your own food and use the kitchen
area to prepare it and clean up. 

The community kitchen and one of the MANY MANY
lovely volunteers that help keep things running,
and help where needed!

There is daily baking done by volunteers for families to
enjoy while in the Ronald McDonald Family Room!
Both Ronald McDonald areas are filled with amazing people who are there to listen and help where they can.
If you have time stop by their website HERE to see what they are up to and if there is any way in which you can help! It can be anything from gift cards to toys, groceries to DVD's... just click on the donate button and find WISHLIST! Or call them and see what you can do. This link is to the Winnipeg RMH, but you can find your own local one too and see what is available for you to help with!
You never know when you or your family or friends may need to use this wonderful service! I know we never thot we would or that we would still be needing them...

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