Monday, February 13, 2012

This guy is on a roll!!!

Local student illustrates book
Isaac Ginter with his favourite illustration from 
Liam’s Magic Rocket, a book he illustrated.

By Kate Jackman-Atkinson
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Fourteen-year-old Isaac Ginter has always loved to draw and now, he has added an illustration credit to his name.  The Grade 9 NACI student from Riding Mountain illustrated Liam’s Magic Rocket, a story written by Daniela Aum  of Etobicoke, Ont. about Liam, a boy who builds a rocket to fly to space hoping to find God. The book aims to introduce the concept of meditation to young children and as Liam completes his journey, he meets some friendly aliens that explain that God is already within and stillness of mind is how you connect. 
Ginter and Aum connected through a Facebook group started by Isaac’s mom Jodi for those who have been impacted by a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Aum explains that she put a post up looking for illustrations for the book and said, “At first I wanted illustrations from several children but the results were dismal. It was clear the kids just had fun but didn’t ‘feel’ the project.”
Ginter’s illustration was different and Aum said, “Isaac seemed to hold a genuine interest in the book beyond that of a “project”. There was a commitment to the message and its depth. Once I saw his first picture I laughed and cried at the same time and so did my team.”  
After seeing his illustration, Aum asked Ginter to illustrate the entire book and explains why his work appealed to her, “I was sold in an instant. It was clear that Isaac was the only one for the job. His work has a sweet innocence with a clever, almost comedic undertone. It’s moving, touching and easy to understand.” Ginter said that being chosen to illustrate the whole book was the neatest part of working on the project.
In total, Ginter drew 14 illustrations for the book and it took him three weeks, beginning in late November, to complete his work. For each good copy, Ginter says that he did many rough copies.
He used a special art marker and said his biggest challenge was running out of marker ink on the sixth good copy. 
Drawing is clearly something that interests Ginter and he says, “I’m always drawing,” and adds that it’s something he wants to stay with. 
The book can be found at where an electronic copy can be downloaded for free or a hard copy version purchased. Jodi says that they plan to donate a hard copy version of the book to the Neepawa Public Library as well as one to the library at HMK.
photo by kate jackman-atkinson

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Marianne said...

JOdi that is awesome! Something Isaac and you can be very proud of! Way to Go Isaac!