Monday, June 4, 2012

this is the day...

so nervous about today and taking Sam to the Child and Adolescent Treatment Centre (CATC)
just want to sit and cry about it all even though i know it wont change a thing
or make anything better
just not wholly sure what all i am feeling about it besides nerves
too many things to think about and feel
maybe tomorrow i can think clearer
right now all i feel is tired and lost for my son
for me
for our family

maybe tomorrow...

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Marianne said...

JOdi, ((((HUGS))) big (((HUGS)))
Everything is going to be FINE. What I am reading is "guilt" and "fear". For some reason you feel guilty. Let him do this... let him succeed. Step back. This is GREAT this is POSITIVE! This is the NEW normal. We don't always like it but there is good, lots of good in this. The fear I am reading is Are you afraid that he might like it? that he might do well? You are not abondoning him - he loves you there or at home.
Time for some sleep... get rested up.. This break is not just for him but for you too... no more worrying.