Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In case you were wondering...

As the first semester starts to wind down, Sam is staying busy with finishing projects, studying, writing up last assignments and exams.
He is now 6 months med free and doing so well. His tremors have almost dimished 100% (except for when he is tired) and his energy levels are up up UP! He plays sports, has his learners, he helps on the farm and at his grandparents farm. Sam has been doing much better in school too! His marks are up too! Looking back (hindsight and all that jazz) we should have moved everyone to this school when wem oved here 3 years ago! Maybe we wouldnt have had all the issues we did and Sam would be graduating this year!
We have been noticing some fatiguing the past week or so and that is understandable as he is on the basketball team and still in cadets. Today is Sam's last exam and it is history...not his favorite subject but he is bound to get thru it. And then tomorrow he has no exams and has already plans to stay home and get caught up on sleep.
On Friday we are going into Brandon to have eyes checked and it will be interesting to see if his prescription has changed again-- which it seems to do everytime we go!
On a side note (and a bit disturbing)still no word from the epileptologist who was wanting to see Sam in August... makes you wonder some days... maybe he didnt like what we had said in our last appointment? He doesnt even know what Sam went thru last summer and what all lead us up to him getting off his meds! I assume he assumes all is well and there are no worries. But when July and August (then September and October) came and went with no word from hiis office on an appointment or a check in -- Sam took matters into his own hands and as far as we are concerned it was for the best!

I have been busy with some BI Awareness ideas for 2013. I have looked into window clings, bracelets and ribbon magnets. I was hoping to do clings or magnets but the cost per unit is too much (so far)and I am hoping to get as much bang for my buck to get awareness out there! I was also hoping to do something that was light (like the bracelets) as when I ship them to people they are not expensive to send since they are so light and pliable! So I will keep on looking for what I can find. I was thinking maybe white silicone bracelets with green writing so that they would stand out a bit more. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please let me know! I am still in the looking and pricing out stages!!

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