Sunday, February 2, 2014

I ❤ Brain Injury Survivors & Caregivers! Never Give Up!

well another year is here and I am busy looking into more bracelets and ideas for colours and wording! I am thinking this year will be:

I ❤ Brain Injury Survivors & Caregivers!  (oak leaf graphic) Never Give Up!

The bracelets will be green with white lettering -- I have seen the template and they really POP! 
I am so excited about this year again -- especially after last years campaign when I had discovered I had sent almost 1500 bracelets to 5 provinces in Canada, 42 states in the USA and 6 countries in total!! So I have my thinking cap on  and make a new goal this year! 
I was wanting to do something other than the silicone bracelets this year but it is all about economics right... and with the cost of groceries, gas, clothes ... life basically I had to stay with the bracelets. BUT I am hoping for 2000 bracelets again this year! (so 500 more than last year!) 

I am still getting emails about wanting bracelets -- in fact i got one this morning! So much for a "june campaign' eh! lol I DO NOT mind in the least! I am so happy to get an email or reuqest for bracelets and to make up an envelope and get them out!! I do little happy dances for each one! (ya I am that weird! :D) 

Well if anyone has any good ideas and/or leads on a new idea for the 2014 Brain Injury Awareness Campaign, PLEASE let me know!  I have not ordered bracelets yet and probably wont for about another week or two! I am open to ideas!!! Email me at

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