Friday, October 10, 2008

today is the day...

I am picking up the kids are noon and taking them out to Dennis' parents so we can leave for Wpg when Dennis is done work. We are flying out to Toronto tomorrow morning and will arrive in TO at 9.17am. I am a bit excited at this point but more apprehensive.. I am worried about leaving the kids... mostly Sam and Hannah. Sam still has so far to go with things and Hannah is just my baby-- she stayed up til almost 10 last night with me snuggling and crying- it broke my heart.
I had a meeting with the school yesterday about Sam and I was told not to worry about things that he will pass grade 8 (they are going to concentrate on his core subjects). So apparently i have to stop stressing about it. I was again reminded of how far he has come and where we THOUGHT he was going to be. So note to self-- "relax and try to enjoy this trip! Sam will be fine. Grandma is looking after him and she will be fine too with him!" (this will be my mantra all day today and tomorrow and for the rest of our trip)

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Marianne said...

You got that right! Everything WILL be fine!
Go, enjoy and come back refreshed!
Gosh I am so jealous! LOL would love to be tagging along.
Thanks for you notes on my page... I look forward to them.