Wednesday, January 7, 2009

darn flu bugs

Sam woke up this morning not feeling too good but i sent him to school anyway (what a nice mom eh!) and thought once he got there he would perk up. WRONG. he caled me around 10.15 and didnt sound good. so i went and picked him up and after a brief converstaion with dennis, sam and i headed in to see Dr. Chapman. (it was awesome for them to fit us in so fast!) Because we were told that until spring we are to be on alert for seizures and to be on alert when he has a fever.... but we werent told what to be on a lert for! so off we went to see the doc. and he checked sam out and dr. figured that sam has a bug that is going around... whew! so i have settled sam into bed and i am going to work from home today. and hopefully he feels better soon.
dr. also gave me some good news (well good if you know me!lol)i can go back to drinking my coffee!! the list of 'no no' foods that i gave to him that i found on line about ulcers and acid reflux, he told me to not worry about it!!! whoo hooo! i am still going to try to leave my coffee intake for weekends so i can enjoy them but i was worried i was going to have to go no coffee totally.... sigh... i feel better now! :-D

also, i had a few prayers answered this morning! I am so happy about this and i have felt a large weight lift off my shoulders too. things seem to be heading in a direction with regards to help for the kids. well i have a few leads on things AND an offer from someone to help find the help we need! i definitely feel lighter today than i have for weeks. God is so amazing to know just when to answer a prayer and even answer a few that i wasnt aware i was asking! it thrills me to know that He is in our corner and 'has our back' when we think we are alone in our fights.


Marianne said...

Here is to an AWESOME 2009! Sounds like things are looking up!
Hmm, isn't that interesting - God puts us flat on our backs so all we can do is look up.

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

What great news for you!! I'm glad things are starting to look better for you guys. It's been a long journay but as you already're not alone