Thursday, January 22, 2009

dazed and only slightly confused...

that is me after this weeks appointments in Winnipeg. I thought we were going in so that the doctor (psychologist) would talk to Sam about the accident or at least how things were going now... nope.... she didnt talk AT ALL about either with him! Sam told me that they did math questions, drawing (copying), reading, spelling, etc-- basically school work...*sigh* i am not going to complain about this but it does make hme wonder what it was all for! He had already done testing like this before with the occupational therapist! SO what was the point of this now?... I have no idea. I was never given anytime to talk to her without Sam present and I try to not discuss things about his attitudes and moods with him there (I dont want him playing things up AND he gets upset)

She is coming out next week (i hope) to view Sam at school (in my humble opinion) I think it would have ben better to arrange that before he knew who she was--we all know how teens act when they think they are being watched. Then in February Dennis and I will go in for an appt with her (without Sam) to see what the results are of the testings... so i hope it will all fall into place for me then (proverbial penny dropping time!)

As for how our week went, Sam didnt sleep well at all. He snored and tossed and turned all nights and on Tuesday his appt in the morning was cut short when he asked if he could go back to the Ronald MacDonal House to sleep. He was really pale, dark curlces under his eyes and he was slurring his words and was slow moving. This was all fine and after a sleep in the morning, we resumed his afternoon appt with the Doc. and he completed it all. But then he was overtired and going a mile a minute like he had drank a few pots of coffee AND had a big bottle of Pepsi! I took him to Chapters to go look at books-- hoping that this would calm him down ... well not at first... he seemed to go into overdrive when we went to the mall to the pet store (one of sam's all time favorite places to go when in wpg). he was so 'go go go' it was like a 5 yr old on speed! so i took him back to the RMH to relax, eat dinner and make our way to bedtime!(which he didnt fall asleep til 10.45!)

I spoke with the psych. last night and there wont be muchhelp for us with sam at school by what she told me, after talking with my counselor (she is helping me to deal with the stress) I am going to see if i can get Dr. Chapman maybe to come with me or write a letter to the school telling about sam needing breaks and no running or bouncing and how to spot his tired spells. So we will see...

Sunny spots this week: Sam and I spent 4 days together and had some fun! We went to a movie (saw Twilight-- gret movie!), we got sam some clothes (he is growing like a weed on a manure pile!lol) and we walked and walked and walked! The weather was fabulous and even though we spent it all indoors-- we were able to walk to the CHildrens hospital which is only 2 blocks from the RMH!!! It was a good week of time spent with Sam (minus the doc appt's) but i thorooughly enjoyed myself wth him. I know soon he will be 'too cool', 'too old' and 'too uninterested' in spending time with me (so i am told by other parents) so i relish this time with ANY of my kids that want to spent time with me!

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