Sunday, May 17, 2009

bush ex...and other weekend challenges

sam went to Bush Ex with his air cadet squadron on Sat morning. Bush Ex is where the cadets take off overnight into the bush and sleep in 'tents'(made from tarps), eat IMP's (Individual Meal Packets), do 12 mile hikes, play soccer and other sports, and capture the flag. We (meaning me) were hoping that he would want to come home for night-- but he stayed all night. We had his Squadron leaders keeping an eye on him and helping him to remember to do self checks. They had tylenol and our phone numbers... just incase. we called him at 8pm to make sure he was ok (and to see if he wanted or needed to come home to sleep)... no go he was staying and that was all there was too it.
When i dropped him off it was incredibly hard to not cry. I drove off and thot i was doing well till i got onto the highway and the tears hit. i tried to stay calm and not worry about all the things that could happen to him while he was out there. a few deep breaths, a prayer and i was doing better...not great but better.
But he did really well. He was not over tired when we picked him up this afternoon but he did fall asleep by 6pm on front of the TV. So we got him off to bed and there he remains.
I am finding it hard to let him go and have other people watching out for him (other than the grandparents) -- i need to work on this. I think this might be why my ulcer (which i thot was better) is drving me insane these days...

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JerriLynn said...

What a fantastic "first" for you all. I remember that uncertainty of the first time I left Sid home alone after the stroke. (he still is unable to give an address if he needs to call 911).
What helps me is when I remember that God is watching over him. And much better than I could ever do. That knowledge gives me peace. Hope it will for you, as well.