Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I have been struggling with updating on here for fear of it sounding like whining or something.Things have been 'fine' with Sam, my dad and others of the house... it has been more me. I have been having lots of anxiety attacks and in the oddest of placest and for no reason that I can see. It is exhausting. I am beat. I am drained. I am tired of it.
I am not sure if it is all just in my head or if I am needing to get away... or what. Between the house reno's, running kids, waiting for the sale of the old house, looking after my dad, my mom lives right across the road and seems to somedays forget that we have a life to try to get through (she asks for 'one small thing and the next minute it is an all day thing), and trying to lose weight... sigh
I can feel the heavy weight of depression kicking in and although I am fighting it -- I feel that I am losing the battle.
Is it possible to cancel Christmas this year and crawl into bed until it is all over?

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