Monday, January 24, 2011


 I have decided to  go about a lot of stress areas in our home from a different angle.
In regards to Thursday nights with dad --
~ I will be going to a zumba class each evening for the next 6 weeks before I go to visit him. I am hoping this will put me in a better/healthier frame of mind.
~I have asked Joshua that once he has his license (he goes for it on Feb 4  and we are all praying that he gets it!) that he will take time when he has the car to stop in and visit. I am hoping this will take the stress of me being there every week and I will not be his only visitor.
~ I will be praying before going in that dad is in a positive frame of mind and that I will not take his indifference to me as an insult or take it personally.

In regards to Sam and his issues --
~ We are giving him more responsibilities for his future in hope he will start to take ownership of it.
~ We are praying for his emotional healing and the ability to hopefully 'catch up' to other kids in his grade -- when it comes to emotional health, social health and overall well being.
~ We are having him make a more pro active stand on his future education. He needs to choose his courses and his extra curricular activities and deal with the consequences of late nights, missed school work, football etc. in his planning of things.

With everything else that is going on in our home ... I am just giving it all to God. I am at a place right now where I am under too much stress and I am in constant pain and irritation with my stomach. I need to focus on my health for now and let some things (that aren't within my control) go... so this

God, they are your troubles now. I am giving them all to You and I am letting go. Thank You for that!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jodi,
I know the stress can be overwhelming, and asking others to help is wise. I know there are times I just want to scream for help, but either way it is hard to get them to listen. I think people just do not understand the stress you and I are under. Take a break when you can, and I will try to take my own advice. Not easy, but this acid in our stomachs, I share it, too is getting worse and we have to stop it. You write beautifully of missing your friend, and I know the struggle of your son has to be heartbreaking somedays. Hang in girl. You know you can always reach me. Ginger @