Sunday, August 10, 2008


We decided to make a post or two of all the favorites that were Sam's in the hospital. Everyday there was something or someone new to make us smile. We were so blessed to haveso many wonderful nurses, doctors, OT'S, PT's, porters... God was definitely watching over us!
Since i didnt think to get my camera until we were already on the ward I only have pictures of CK-3, there are none of PICU nurses and doctors, but we do have a great list of names and reasons why they were special to us!
Dr Mustafa was our favorite Dr. yesterday
since he was the one to sign Sam's
discharge papers!!

WHOO HOOO! ---------------------------->

Debbie was a favorite nurse because she was always looking out for sam's boredom level and meals-- (he was served waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much fish reason why-- just because...)Debbie was also extremely popular when she made raspberry milkshakes to try to offset the fishy meals! Debbie also started the "yeti" movement in Sam's room. If we left his room to walk or anything we could come back to find his yeti (a stuffed toy) in different scenarios... stealing sam's banana, dressed in infant pj's and getting into bed, wearing my sweater in the chair looking out the window! LOL Debbie was Sam's nurse for 2 days but came in on days when she wasnt just to say hi or set up a yeti pose.

Tanya was awesome with enjoying and encouraging samuels natural sense of humour! (we called her the tigger nurse.. if u look at her scrubs closely u will see why...) LOL She was so wonderful! Tanya's laughter and playfulness reminded Sam and I of Sookie from Gilmore Girls!!!

Paula was so much fun! She would come in and just smile and that was enough to make Sam smile. Paula had all sorts of interesting stories to tell.

Chris was Sam's regular OT. She was just plain cool! Sam is going to knock her socks off when he sees her in 2 weeks!

Julie was Sam's weekend PT. She was great. She
had him doing all sorts of fun "work that was work" and it turned out that Julies mom was Sam's great 2 teacher, Mrs. Ebner!! wow what a small world!
Dr Shih was a resident doing rotation in the Ped's ward and should change his field to ped's. he had an awesome bedside manner with Sam and had a great sense of humour (he even got ALL of our warped Ginter humour!LOL) He was very sincere with us and would stop in to see how things were going ... just because.

Some of the PICU favorites were Nympha, Veronica(she was cool cuz she had a pair of orange crocs like Sam and hannah thought she looked like a cheetah girl!, Cathy, Dr. Drews, Dr. Phillips. everyone was so great and caring and thoughtful and we feel that because of these wonderful medical staff Sam was able to recover as fast as he is. God was most definitely involved and directed the level of care and made sure the right people were where they needed to be to help sam on this road we are about to travel.

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