Monday, August 11, 2008

manic monday

sam walked to the stop sign again today and then slept for an hour and a half. He also had headaches today. Not the best of our days. I think he is overwhelmed with the other kids being here. They are constantly talking and moving and it is almost too much for him.
he was also fitted for a chair today. we will only be using it when we need it if we arent at home -- like shopping in brandon or at multiple appointments in wpg. It is only for when there is nowhere for him to sit and rest.
His coordination is slowly coming, but he is still having trouble with remembering to check his left side of things (plates, face, anything on his left), he still drools a bit and has trouble connecting his fork/spoon with his mouth, and sometimes swallowing- but it will come.
his scar is healing wonderfully and had tried (and succeeded) in grossing me out with "mom! there is a hole in my head! Feel this where there is no bone...." or "Mom tap on my head here... I can feel it under my tongue!" good to know he is still a
we need to work on his endurance and strength but first we need to catch up on sleep and get into a schedule... hopefully this will happen once i have all our Wpg appointments on the calendar-- maybe tomorrow?

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