Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Look Ma!!! ... no IV's

yep... sam is now IV and fancy free! There are conflicting stories as to how the IV's came to be out (sam says that the doctors took them out and they say sam did....hmmmmm) either way he is no longer attached to machines!!!!!!!!!!

today was one of those kind of days that was busy but only in fits and starts-- so it was actually a long day.

There was OT and PT today. He was able to complete (with flying colours i might add) all assignments and activities that they had for him. His balance is still off but taht will come with time and more practice

At around 5 pm we had a small minor problem arise-- sam had a rash that covered most of this body and face. It wasnt too bad but it was raised and red enough that they gave him an anti itching med to help ( didnt) so maybe it will all be gone in the a.m. ...

we had multiple visitors today... starting with parents other kids on the ward! One guy stopped in and chatted for quite a while. then there was dad and the kids, grandpa and grandma, rick and barb franks and the surprise visitor-- pastor dean. it was nice for the company to come whenthey did since we had just talked to Dr. Shih (pronounced She-- and Dr. Shih is a he) came around to tell us that we could be discharged FRIDAY-ISH. they have to all discuss whether we are coming home to Neepawa or if we are going to have to stay in Wpg for a bit.... hopefully we will learn more tomorrow and we really hope that the rash doesnt affect the FRIDAY-ISH plans.

My sad eyed beautiful boy... love you!
Going home wil be nice but it will be a big adjustment for everyone. There will be more work

on some people, new rules to be made, new chores assigned and a whole truck lod of patience for all of us. Sam is worried i know and i am also. I am worried for him, kids can be cruel and thoughtless -- as can adults... i wonder if we are ready yet for it... sam has been quite and withdrawn at times and looks like he would rather just let the world pass him by and it breaks my heart.
I am trying to do my best to prepare him for the world outside the hospital (where seem to be more forgiving and understanding) but i dont feel like i am getting anywhere most days.i know that as much as he wants to go home he is scared and would rather stay here. So i pray ... and pray some more for the words to come to me, for sam to understand, for others to be understanding... what ever God feels Sam needs...

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