Tuesday, March 3, 2009

how much!??

Josh, Sam and I went into Brandon for orthodontist appointments today. Josh was just for his monthly check-up but Sam was to see if he was ready for his braces.... and it is a go. On April 14 i will drop him off, he wil get his braces and i will be expected to pay the bill of justunder $4900.00 !!!!!!!!!!!! and that is with the 'discount' of our second child to have braces. (i asked if we would get $800.00 when isaac goes for his and $1200.00 when hannah goes in-- they laughed at me!) i didnt think it was so funny.... My 'happy thot' about the $4900.00 is that if it helps Sam with his sleeping (he has sleep apnea) then it will all be worth it.

We did a weigh in with Sam last night too and again he is down a pound! I cant for the life of me figure out why this kids isnt gaining weight! Maybe the doctor can help me with it at our next appointment.

Another sunny spot in my world is that i spoke with the co-ordinator of the Oaks Division (the area at the HSC that Sam falls under in Wpg). I told her of our 'issues' and what we see and she told me that it is all normal behaviour for people with a frontal lobe injury! I was so happy to hear that (it means i am NOT crazy! well not crazy in that area anyway!lol) She was going to bring up Sam's case to doctors today in a weekly meeting and hopefully we wouldhear back and get some help. i am not going to get my hopes up too high about this but it sure was nice to hear. She said she was upset to hear that we are having to educate ourselves on Sam's injury and what we are experiencing. She feels that the medical profession and the school system could be doing more to help us.... so we shall see if anything comes of it!

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Marianne said...

Yer lucky! My kids braces all cost between $6200 - $6600 - I swear they saw us coming cause I have dental...but that only pays 80% but there is a ceiling on that.

Oh to be an orthodontist! Our ortho takes his whole staff on a cruise twice a year - must be nice! LOL