Friday, March 13, 2009

No news is good news... well maybe not

There is not much new to report here on the home front. Sammi's weight is STILL 103lbs... no gains but no losses either!
I have been sick this week but also busy with talking with the lady in Winnipeg who co-ordinates our appointments- Gail. He has been trying to get me some answers to things and some help where we can! We are trying to not only educate ourselves these days on everything that has happened and IS happening with Sam but we are trying to get the school to help out too! Last night was Student-lead conferences (please dont get me started on these...) and we spoke to a few teachers about watching for Sam. This week he came home not just pale but WHITE! This means he is exhausted and cant cope! I was shocked when he walked thru the door! My first thot was why no one called to tell me to come and get him! (Sam doesnt know when he is tired at this point-- he can tell me when he has a headache since it is an actual physical pain--but being fatigued is not something he recognizes and needs prompts to help him to recognize this!!) When Sam is pale, slurring words, 'half'smiling, dragging his left foot or not using his left arm, the left side of his face is slack (like that of a stroke patient) OR is talking really fast... it means he is tired and i need to take him home and get him to bed! ANd since he doesnt know when he is like that, we rely on the school to help us and check in with him! He will deny that he is tired most times but the physical signs cant be ignored by a teacher.... soooooooooooo we are waiting for the physc. eval to get here so we can go to the teachers again and see what is new that they are seeing and what is happening there daily!
There is so much that is not happening to help Sam get better that I am frustrated to no end! He gets no gym time at school since he cant participate in the regular gym class (still tomuch of a risk for him), so he is doing mental work all the time-- kind of ironic for a kid with a BRAIN INJURY! He was playing the trombone again in band (which is too heavy for him to hold up-- on the left side...) so we asked him to be changed to the drums again (common sense would say to not give the child a large cumbersome instrument so he is tired for the rest of the day of school). Like i siad i could go on and on but then i would just sound like i am whining and I am not waing to sound like that, i just want Sam to get better.

Most people see him and think he is doing great-- well he is physcially to a point (not gaining weight is a good thing to point out here) but he is still healing and we may not know the full extent of his injuries until he is out on his own and living in the world -- where his days are not so structured with parents and teachers telling him what to do. Makes the future seem so long some days...

Also Sam's dream of football is not a realistic one -- at least not this year. He is not to a weight that is safe for him. We havent told him yet and when we do I am sure he will be upset. I just pray it doesnt set him back.....

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