Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just another Thursday

Today is a ski trip day at the boys school -- so Sam is staying with me (first going to work then coming home at noon to sleep) and we have doctor appointments this afternoon. Sam has been just wiped these past weeks-- wiped as in pale, circles under his eyes, fatigues, grouchy, emotional and just not himself. It is so hard to see and know that the doctors arent doing much to help us!

Today I want answers for his no weight gain (he may be in the 'normal' range for his height-- but he is not anywhere NEAR his pre-accident weight!) , his not sleeping right (we are still waiting for the sleep clinic to contact us!), he has issues with eating -- foods taste different to him now -- so he doesnt eat as much as he used to--hence no weight gain! People (meaning the in the medical field) need to start doing something about getting Sam back to 'normal' or closer to it than we are now!

This is the problem with a TBI like Sam's. He is functioning so well in life that the issues we have with him are going un-noticed and un-cared for by doctors and sadly the education system. I am tired of fighting but i cant stop or else where does that leave Samuel? I am so busy fighting for him that somedays i fee like my other kids maybe resent me for it or that i am missing out on thier things. (for example: I have to take off time from work to have Sam at home that i can't take time off to do things with them at school...)

Dennis and I are planning a fun Spring Break for the kids in a week and a bit and if we cant get Sam to be not so fatigued and pale-- no one will enjoy themselves and we really need a change of pace and a change of view (meaning not be here at home where we are ALL THE TIME). All the kids need a break from what our lives have become and I am hoping that we can get Sam into a 'healthy' form so that everyone can enjoy a week holidays and we can spend some real quality time together and reconnect as a family...

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