Sunday, April 20, 2014

First time for everything...

 Well just under 2 weeks ago I sent an email to a FB group I belong to (Help Raise Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness) and told Dustin (the group admin) I had TBI awareness bracelets (and 100 Oak Leaf Stickers) again this year ....
Last year I received about 200 emails over the entire year and made my goal of a new country to send a bracelet to (that would be Russia) -- so to say I am just in awe and overwhelmed at the response this year is an understatement!
My last actual count of requests were 375 emails PLUS messages on FB and I have had many MANY more since then!
I have tried to keep everything as organized as possible by returning an email to all sent to me, along with a note to the sender that I am working on getting bracelets to everyone who emailed so some numbers of bracelets just wasnt going to be possible. I also wrote each mailing address in a notebook so as to keep track of where to send bracelets (and praying to not miss anyone!)
I have a few things to add to each envelope that I still need to do, along with addressing each envelope and putting our return address too. For the frist time ever in this awareness journey,  I have asked for a bit of help from people who live in our area but so far there is no solid help.
It looks like this could be a slow process and I pray for understanding and patience from everyone.
I will try to keep the blog up to date on the progress and on my goal (so far so good!).

I am going to ask for prayer for a few things (if you wouldn't mind):
1. Help in getting this next step done in a timely manner
2. Making sure I get bracelets/stickers out to everyone who has asked for one (or a few)
3. I also have a request that I will not put on here but God does know (well of course since He knows everything) but just that if it is needed that it comes to fruition.

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