Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Seriously... what next!?

So for the last 5 years I have been phoning and fighting and phoning more to try to get help for our son! From when he was 12yrs old we were constantly told from the medical professionals and government offices that there was not much they could do for us "now"... when he is an adult there will be more help available. (we were quite frequently reminded {like we could ever forget} that there was no 'real help' for Sam as most were not 'equipped to handle or deal with youth brain injury'.

ya... not a big surprise to us here in Manitoba.

Even when he had seizures, we were sent to the 'adult epileptologist' since he as 15 and soon to be transitioned to them anyway, only have us tossed like trash to the curb of the hospital when we were finally being admitted in for an week long ambulatory EEG! (this was after they messed with sleep, food, meds and moods -- AND Sam had a fractured ankle!!!) Then we were moved over to the 'child epileptologist' who did nothing but drug our son to the max and created a whole other lifetime of issues we will deal with! And had plans of keeping him on the high doseages of meds until he was 17-18yrs old {basically until he was old enough to transition to the 'adult epileptologist' .... again} We could not get in to see any psychologists, psychiatrist or counsellors either without getting "we are not equipped with dealing with youth with Brain Injuries" OR the best one "you are handling this great" "call us if there are any issues" (from 3hours away and a mile long waiting list)
So now he is 18yrs old, has never had any real help in dealing with his stress, BI or issues that arise with BI's (addictions, PTSD {which we were told there was none}, etc) and is in full on denial about it all!
We have been trying to get a disablilty tax credit for him (so he can work but have a bit of extra wages to not have to claim) and we were told that NO he does not qualify. We used his neurosurgeons diagnosis of "long term permenant brain injury", "at risk of seizures", "some cognitive issues"... and we were refused. We thought we would go the route of the neurosurgeon AND the psychatrist he saw for a few days while in the CATC (child and adolenscent treatment centre) from 2 years ago. He just informed me that it is almost impossible to get the Disability Tax credit (it is very convoluted and full of crap) and he only has a hand full of patients who get it. It is easier to get Disability in the form of monthly cheques (Canada Pension Plan) BUT Sam doesnt qualify for that either!
So basically this guy- our Sammi- has had NO HELP (other than us and loads of prayer) to deal with his BI (in the formative years where he really could have used it) , so we are at a place where he is now in denial of it all -- and there will be no help for him in the future until he hit absolute rock bottom and has to try to find help then (and honestly I am scared of what that will entail with him) which I am sure we will be told it "should have been done earlier on".

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