Friday, April 11, 2014

Prayers NEEDED!

Please pray for our Sam today as he is struggling .... majorly .... big time struggling with life!

He has had a very rough learning curve week and that has seemed to really mess with his head. We had a good day this week working with him on the farm (even after a serious issue arose just the night before) and then this morning I asked for him to please leave his phone alone until 8 -- just as Isaac and Hannah have to leave their ipod alone until this time too (explaining yet again how it is not fair and confusing for them when he sits around texting doing nothing... {and he should be getting ready to start his day with us on the farm) and they are busy getting ready for their day.) The rule of no iPods/iphones in the bedrooms still applies to all kids no matter their age and living in our home.

He replied 'ya' and as we continued on with our morning, he took the phone to his room (in the basement) and we tried to talk to him again... and we were met with He is moving out then.  (we think he is having a serious braininjury moment right now where his brain is telling him that the sky is green, the grass is blue and up is down and down is up....)

Now, we have been working with him to get him moved out to one of our farm homes for the first of May  ....  this is about 20 days away. He will only have to pay utilities and we are helping to get the house ready for him, giving him furniture, a car, etc. I have told him to make a list of groceries he thinks he will need to get started with and I will go shopping with him and pay for the groceries ...

His attitude this morning is he is tired of living here and wants out.

The earlier issue that happened this week will be a big obstacle once he does move out -- and I have tried to point out the good reasoning to moving into town (closer to work -- 10 mins so less $$ for gas), less time spent driving when he is tired and fatiguing, closer to activities that he enjoys, no worries to bad weather and driving.... etc etc.

I feel like he has a 'friend' and his mom working on his head. They have asked him to move in with them a few times he says, yet then in the next breath he tells us how they are really struggling financially. He says she will drive him to work (even farther then what he will drive if he lives in the other house -- and we pointed out that that would be a 4X gas bill for him... at possibly $1.30/L) I dont see why another parent would step in with these kinds of offers when they KNOW what we are doing already for him and then I question what has HE been telling them about here that would cause them to make the offer. (and not possibly ask us about it ....) I am at my witts end... I am sick with a cold or chest infection, I am tired, I am mentally exhausted and I am in desperate need of a good crying jag....

Please pray for Sam today. I am struggling to not sit and worry and cry and worry and cry some more. I am trying very hard to hand this to God and let Him do what He does... but then my mama brain kicks in and ... well, you know what happens.

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