Wednesday, April 8, 2009

songs that make you think...

As I was coming home yesterday from my second trip to Brandon (first was in the morning with Sam to get his spacers put on for his braces next week) to get Dennis and Isaac their new glasses, I listened to music -- really listened to the words...

Darius Rucker's song "it wont be like this for long" had me in tears. I cried as i listened to it and remembered all those times when dennis and I wondered if we would ever make it thru that period of time... we did. I think it will be my new motto-theme-song for life these days. It is what i need to remind myself of it when we are having our days with the kids (not just Sam but all of them!) It wasnt that long ago that I was a busy mom with 4 kids 5 and under.... now I am a busy mom of 1 girl, 1 tween boy and 2 teen boys. Where did the time go!?

Another song i listened to was "you're gonna miss this" by Trace Atkins (one of my favorite country singers!!!) It was basically a bawlfest all the way home-- thankgoodness for my big "jackie-O" sunglasses--lol

Teary eyes and wet kleenexs aside, lately listening to songs and reading stories and hearing others life stories and with the upcoming season of Easter and all the miracles of Jesus just has been reminding me of how lucky I am to have 4 such wonderful kids, an amazing and loving husband! As a family we are extremely lucky to not only have witnessed a few miracles in our circle but to also have grown closer in the times of stress and issues. I know lots of people do but when you are truely affected by things (and not just things in your life but by those around you too) i think it makes you (or it should make you) step back and reassess what is important in life.

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