Tuesday, April 14, 2009

another brick in the wall

I thought this title was appropriate since a post earlier was aboaut songs.... this song was running thru my head today as Samuel went to the orthodontist for his braces today. One more appointment for us (meaning me--selfish eh) to run to! Well I was definitely not disappointed in the area of "SURPRISE" today either -- nothing is ever just cut and dry anymore... not by a long shot.
After Sam's had an xray and his braces were put on the Dr. called me to the office and showed me Sam's xray. He words were a shock to me and made my eyes teared up as he explained to me that it seems that 4-5 of his front top teeth are fractured. The fractures were not there when they last xrayed (before the accident). He said he hoped that the teeth would stay in and hopefully not fall out or cause any other damage but he couldnt be sure of that. The 4-5 that are fractured are injured high enough up that they are not near the gum line but low enough that they can cause problems. He is hoping that since there was no problems wth infection or sensitivity that there will not be any issues-- but he said he cant promise or predict anything... so we will have to wait and see if we are in for with Sams teeth. There were other teeth that had fractures but they are all at the tips of the roots (apparently no real worry there then). The Dr. said that if the teeth cause problems then they will have to come out and sam will have to have false ones until he has stopped growing and forming and they can put in implants... joy joy. we are just praying that the teeth will not cause any issues for Sam (and us) and we can just 'enjoy' the braces...

So how they got fractured is a mystery other than that if it were the accident then he either hit his mouth with the gun as he fell or when he fell his mouth hit the ground... either way the teeth were NOT fractured last year in June but now are.... sigh... just once i would appreciate an appointment with no surprises.

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