Monday, April 27, 2009


I wonder how other women handle work, life, kids and whatever else is thrown in? Do their homes look like disaster areas? Do they feel overwhelmed at anything new that 'pops' up? Does change makes them nervous and panicky?(even when they typically LOVE change) Are they able to keep upwith laundry, meals, groceries and other regular chores? Do they find time for themselves? Are they able to keep themselves together when they listen to songs on the radio about how tough, strong and able the woman in the song is?
How does a person know when they are at their breaking point? How does a person say that "i cant take anymore" and be taken seriously and not looked at like they are crazy or just a baby?
How do you know where to make a cut off of stress?

Somedays I feel like I have nothing together and I just wonder how other women cope!?


JerriLynn said...

Don't know if you read my post the other day, but my SIL came and did my house cuz I couldn't seem to manage it. Ask for help girl, and offer it when you can.=]

Marianne said...

My house is a mess, I don't do half the stuff I did when my kids were little and I was at home. something has to give... if its not things at home then its my mind! over the years I have learned to see the signs of "too much" its taken a long time to get over guilt of asking for help or saying "no I can't". Oh I still have some guilt but realize its for the best.