Wednesday, April 22, 2009

in the works... spring, school, life..

YAY! Spring is here! This week has been nice! I have been able to get out to walk and ride my bike even!

The boys have had the dirtbike running and Sam has been on it a few times! The trampoline was flipped back over for use and the kids were on it the other day jumping like they were reaching for the moon- lol .

Today Sam will be staying at home (since it is Wednesday) and resting. I will try to get him out for a walk later too as long as it isnt too windy for us.

Last night we went to a meeting at the school for parents and students to prepare for grade 9. The boys chose their options for next year and got to hear how things were going to be for them. I think they got a bit of an eye opener when Mr. Swanton spoke about what life will be like once they are in high school: homework, maybe a social life, a job, etc. But the kicker was when they were told that they need to make decisions now for the coming years. Something we have been trying to prepare them for for a while now. (so maybe mom and dad aren't as crazy as they thought... ok ok ok they are crazy but only when it comes to the fun stuff! lol)

Mrs.vanK at the school also is trying to get Sam some books on MP3 for him to listen to, so that he can still keep up with work and not get so fatigued when just physically holding a book and reading it... yep that is what i said. READING makes him tired-- imagine how reading makes you tired and multiply it by 10 or so for Sam. His brain struggles to not only read the words but also to comprehend them and put it all together so that it makes sense to him... and then add the fact that he has to physically hold the book... it is no wonder this kid is fatigued so often. Hopefully it is something that will help him next year-- maybe one year of help with his reading and one day off a week and in grade 10 he will be back to a full normal routine.

On Friday last week all the kids went to Dennis mom and dad's to help with making sausages (and dennis and i stayed home to clean, house, yard and shop...sigh) But on Friday Hannah was upset about going. She was very upset. I got Dennis to talk to her but i knew what the issue was and sure enough i was right. hannah is scared to go to the farm. In her 9year old mind, it isnt safe... Josh and Sam were hurt there and she was scared that something might happen again. It broke my heart that she was so worried about it. Dennis talked to her and told her that it was ok to go and that satan was just trying to keep her from going to the farm and enjoying time with her grandparents. He was trying to keep her scared which is where he wants us to be! So she went. I think it is something that will happen for a while with her. She is a worrier that girl.

the prayer group that we started on Friday night went good too -- I think. the ladies all seemed comfortable with each other. I hope so anyway!

OH!!! Exciting news for our house! Dixi had her litter of puppies yesterday. She ahd SEVEN!!! There are 2 females, 5 males and they are adorable!

Have a great day!!


JerriLynn said...

ohhh how cute are they??? I know that our blonde pom Samson is a big help with Sid's recovery process, maybe these puppies will help with Sam's? as always you are in my prayers...just realized my pic isn't showing up, I'll have to fix it when I get home. Yes I am at work right now..shame on me, huh?

Jodi said...

LOL your Pom's name is Samson!? That was the name of my black pom!!! LOL too funny!

Jodi said...

here is the link to my other blog where i have a pic of him!